ARI Grissini
ARI Biscuits factory, which is one of Turkey's first biscuit factory was founded in 1952 by the pioneering industrialists of our country, Cemil AKAR. Until the 1980s, the company that brought its popular products such as biscuit, chocolate, wafer and grissini together with the Turkish consumer under the name of ARI Biscuits, has been on its way as ARI Grissini since 1980s.

Over the years, ARI Biscuits has pioneered with projects in the Turkish advertising industry as well. Some radio and cinema advertisements are still remembered with the slogan “There Can't Be Better” / “Daha İyisi Olamaz”. It was spoken a lot for a long time that the ARI Biscuits slogan found its place in the “Superman 2” movie with an advertisement poster in 1980.

We keep improving ourselves while keeping the people and the environment at the forefront. It puts it’s signature on innovative products with our passion, quality and continuous development focuses; ARI Grissini is proud to be the first manufacturer of many new products such as Organic Grissini in Turkey.

As a nostalgic and legendary brand, we prioritize the quality of our products and do not use any food additives or preservatives nor add extra sugar to our fruit bars and grissinis. With our innovative portfolio such as grissinis, fruit bars, croquant and chocolate covered products, we meet today's consumer needs, also develop special and reserved product recipes based on our customers’ requests.

ARI Grissini, we always believe in the importance of renewing ourselves and keep the trust of our consumers above everything.